Welcome to Sideletter

Hi, I’m Ryan. You might know me from my work at TechCrunch, where I spent several years writing about early-stage startups and venture capital. In addition to my time in media, I spent some time in venture capital at 500 Startups and corporate innovation at Samsung Next.

Along the way, I’ve maintained a love of startups and technology and the high-minded pursuit of envisioning and inventing a better future. This newsletter is a place where a few times a week I share my thoughts on startups, tech, media, and finance.

What you can expect

In each issue, I’ll explore one big topic in tech or media, share some curated links, and leave you with one fun tweet or video to brighten your day.

✍️ The big story

This will be a long-ish essay on one news item of the day. I’ll explore the impact of a given news event, the underlying trends that are driving a company or industry’s strategy, and how what’s happening today will shape tech in the future.

🔗 Cool links

Here I’ll share 3-5 curated links of things I find interesting. Some will be tech-related, but they could also include longform pieces and profiles, essays and narrative non-fiction, as well as quick hits on politics, culture, or sports.

🧘‍♂️Your moment of zen

Inspired by The Daily Show, in the moment of zen I’ll embed one fun tweet, photo, or video to close out the newsletter on a high note.